Recognizing the Completion of the Broward Road Ranger Contract

The end of 2021 marked the conclusion of the E4Q30 Road Ranger Contract for Roy Jorgensen Associates. Over the past 6.5 years, theRoad Ranger 16
 Broward Country Road Ranger team at Jorgensen has worked diligently to support the Road Ranger mission which is, “to provide free highway assistance services during incidents to reduce delay and improve safety for the motoring public and responders.” The men and women who have been a part of the Broward Road Ranger team have devoted countless hours of hard work, dedication, and determination to assist hundreds of thousands of motorists throughout the duration of the contract.

Miguel Sosa, Jorgensen’s Project Manager of the E4Q30 Road Ranger Contract, shared his reflection: “since the beginning of the contract in July of 2015, Broward Road Rangers assisted a total of 273,695 motorists. Of those, 191,030 were disabled vehicles and another 39,609 were accidents.” Making this kind of impact in the community for the traveling public is why the program was established by the FDOT. Sosa continues, “the Jorgensen executive team and I are extremely appreciative to the men and women who have done, and continue to do, an outstanding job to provide safer roads for the traveling public of Broward County 24/7, 365 days a year.” On occasion, the Road Rangers assist someone who was unaware the program existed, “we get the opportunity to bring awareness to the program and show people how much the Department invests in the traveling public’s safety. It is honorable work stepping in to help get people out of harm’s way.” Jorgensen has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to make a positive impact through the Road Ranger Service Patrol program in Broward County for the last 6.5 years.Broward RR Stats (Presentation (169))