Engineering Manuals

A Unique Blend of Technical Expertise

The Challenge

The preparation of a top-quality engineering manual requires a unique blend of skills:

  • Technical expertise
  • Writing skills
  • Experience with electronic format applications
  • Appreciation of the needs of the manual user
  • Project implementation logistics
  • Production capacity

The absence of any one of these elements can lead to failure — poor quality, client dissatisfaction, wasted project resources and schedule overruns.

The Solution

Through our experience, Jorgensen has perfected the engineering manual development process. We evaluate each manual individually to ensure that the necessary skills are in place; that the necessary project resources are available; and that we orchestrate the project implementation logistics to ensure the preparation of a top-quality product for the client.

Jorgensen has been preparing engineering manuals for State DOTs since 1975. In 1990, Jorgensen established its Engineering Manuals Group specifically in recognition of the special nature of this work and to expand our in-house capacity to produce top-quality engineering manuals for State DOTs. Engineering manual production is a key business sector for Jorgensen; it is not a random project-specific pursuit. Since 1990, Jorgensen has prepared (or is preparing) more than 65 engineering publications for 20 State DOTs, AASHTO, Federal Lands Highways and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi — experience unmatched in the consulting industry — in virtually all highway functional areas (hydraulics, road design, construction, standard drawings, bridge design, geotechnical engineering, surveying, planning, safety, environment, traffic engineering, right-of-way and maintenance).

The Consultant must have an in-depth understanding for the nature of producing an engineering manual. Too often, we believe, the most qualified team of technical specialists is overwhelmed by the logistics of actually producing the manual. Jorgensen’s track record in manual preparation demonstrates the availability of our in-house resources to produce quality engineering manuals using Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and MicroStation.

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