Anti-Icing in Houston

Jorgensen’s Houston team was caught in action last week during an anti-icing operation. The link to the news clip is included HERE. The team continues to work long hours on the roads as the storms continue to sweep through Texas. This project is responsible for over 500 lane miles of highway and handles year-round maintenance operations.

There is a great deal of time, energy, and preparation that goes into winter operations for any upcoming snow or ice event. Equipment preparation and training starts in November and refreshers are scheduled as needed when storms are on the horizon. The team works around the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keep up with the needs of the roadway. When it comes to de-icing operations, the team follows specific guidelines provided by the HCTRA to ensure spraying and spreading is conducted properly and follows all safety measures.

Typically, these events are relegated to an overnight shift, but sometimes events span multiple days. The challenge becomes ensuring there is enough personnel that can make it in to start operations or relieve the shift that is currently working. Shifts can run long hours and requires at least 40 personnel to get it all done. In severe storms, roads might close requiring personnel to have to lock down and stay on the project. Members of the Jorgensen team are reminded to keep “bug out” bags in their personal vehicles in case they are unable to safely go home. These “bug out” bags hold a few days of clothing, non-perishable foods, water, medications, and cell phone chargers just in case.

Jorgensen stands for maintaining the world around us. The team works hard to keep the roadways safe for first responders and the traveling public whether it is fixing guardrail, traffic control, running de-icing operations, or various other activities that go into the safety of the highway; the Jorgensen team is there.

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