Infrastructure Consulting

With hundreds of Technicians, Engineers, Administrators, and IT Professionals, Jorgensen offers the following consulting services to transportation agencies worldwide:

Operational Analysis and Management Studies

Reviewing, analyzing, and recommending use of resources, organization structure, and operations to achieve efficient and effective business practices focused on client objectives.

Maintenance Management Advisory Services

Jorgensen has been a leader in highway maintenance management systems development for many years. We offer professional expertise by working with agency staff and developing programs that work within the local environment. Our MMS software supports maintenance operations in a stand-alone or network configuration.

Asset Management and GASB34 Evaluations

We provide support for the development of asset management systems and GASB34 evaluations including cost and asset valuation.

Highway Inventory and Condition Assessment

Using state of the art technology, we design, develop, and implement policies and procedures for collection of highway and bridge inventory and condition status.

Performance Reviews

We provide a professional, independent assessment of the performance of a department or agency.

Organizational Development and Institution Building

We perform analysis of highway and transportation organizations in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to the traveling public.

Safety Studies

We conduct safety studies relative to highway and transportation facilities in order to improve conditions for the traveling public, as well as highway workers.