About Us

For over 60 years, Jorgensen has focused entirely on the field of maintenance management.

As the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Chief Engineer, Roy Jorgensen established the basic units of work and highway maintenance standards to be used by his workforce in 1950. After successfully implementing his approach to maintenance management in his home state, Roy saw how he could add value to other transportation and founded Roy Jorgensen Associates in 1961.

Starting as a consulting and training firm, Jorgensen provided service to clients both domestically and internationally. Throughout the 1960’s and to this day, Jorgensen pioneers innovative approaches to planning, organizing, directing, and controlling maintenance work. In 1972, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program published Roy’s landmark research project, “Performance Budgeting System for Highway Maintenance Management”. In this project, Roy revealed the basic principles from which modern maintenance management concepts have evolved worldwide. In addition to successfully providing consulting services to a diverse group of clients, Jorgensen began performing “hands-on” contract maintenance management in 1975.

In all, Jorgensen has developed leading edge consulting services and implemented contract maintenance services for hundreds of public and private infrastructure owners. Today, the firm continues to build and modify the original maintenance management concepts developed by Roy Jorgensen and now employs over 700 associates in over 30 locations around the world.

Roy Jorgensen