Infrastructure Services

Outsourcing and privatizing non-core maintenance activities have been significant trends in recent years. With expertise in maintenance management, Jorgensen has reduced costs and improved efficiency for public and private sector clients by leveraging our consulting expertise into contracting success.

Jorgensen assists clients in achieving results in the short-term by raising levels of service and in the long-term by extending asset life. In our approach to outsourcing or privatizing maintenance, we:

  • Control and reduce operating costs, typically over 25%;
  • Improve focus so your management time can be more fully devoted to your clients’ needs;
  • Maximize resource utilization, as fixed costs are reduced, improving your organization’s flexibility and resource utilization; and
  • Provide access to world-class capabilities.

Clients who have seen the benefits from the implementation of Jorgensen’s approach to maintenance management include:

  • Departments of Transportation
  • Toll Authorities
  • Port Terminal Operators
  • Private Power Plants
  • Design/Build Construction Firms