Jorgensen Awarded Condition Assessment Contract

Jorgensen Professional Services, the firm’s consulting group within the Facilities Services Division, was recently awarded a contract by the City of Santa Monica to provide a condition assessment of the City’s facilities that support its public transportation system, known as “The Big Blue Bus.”  The contract encompasses some 88,000 square feet of buildings and commenced in early January of 2018.  The team is led by James Smith, who is supported by the efforts of Justin May, Al Pipkin, and Mike DeShazer.  The team is further supplemented by our business partners Duke Schamel (Electrical Service Solutions), who will assess the electrical systems, and by Linda Siegel (LAS Engineering, Inc.), who will assess the associated pavements and other hardscape.

The project represents our continued commitment to providing management services for facilities associated with the transportation industry – as well as our continuing partnership with the City of Santa Monica.  Like our other condition assessments, this one will provide the City’s Big Blue Bus facilities with insight into existing conditions, a prioritized list of recommendations for remediation, routine maintenance schedules and tasking, and a ten-year outlook for ongoing maintenance, expense, and capital renewal costs.