Real Estate Advisory

More companies are discovering the advantage of outsourcing their strategic planning, transaction management, lease administration, and facilities management services to gain operating efficiencies, reduce costs, and gain portfolio-wide transparency.

Jorgensen has earned the title of “Trusted Advisor” from our clients by leveraging our strategic approach to total portfolio management. Jorgensen provides a seamless, full range of Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services through an alliance partnership as part of the Jorgensen account team. You have one single point of contact, one performance-based contract, one method of operational and financial reporting, and the strength of leveraging the largest number of professionals among tenant representation firms in North America.

By representing tenants, not landlords, we ensure objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest, always striving to “do the right thing” for our clients. Our mission is to provide customized solutions that align companies’ real estate with their business plans, delivering maximum cost savings and exceeding expectations. Unlike traditional commercial real estate firms, we are service oriented rather than transaction oriented with advisors who are client focused, not deal focused.