Bridge Design

The philosophical approach for each Bridge Design Manual has been to develop a comprehensive, State-specific supplement to the AASHTO LRFD Specifications tailored to the unique conditions in the State. Jorgensen develops an LRFD-based manual on all structural elements for bridge design (e.g., bridge decks, superstructures, substructures, foundations, joints, bearings). These Bridge Design Manuals often include chapters on selecting structural system types, loads and load factors, structural analysis, steel and concrete structures, seismic design, bridge rehabilitation, bridges over railroads, bridge hydraulics, miscellaneous structural elements (e.g., earth retaining systems, culverts, supports for appurtenances), construction support, bridge inspection program, load rating/overload permitting, bridge management and in-house operations (e.g., organization, project development, plan preparation, quantity estimates, cost estimates, reports).

Bridge design manuals prepared by Jorgensen