Jorgensen Awarded 7-Year Contract in Florida

Jorgensen was recently awarded a seven year asset maintenance contract in South Florida for the Florida Department of Transportation District 4. The project scope includes 715 lane miles of limited access interstate and 141 bridge, 341 overlane signs and 108 HMLP’s for all of I-95 and portions of I-595 and I-75 in Broward County. Jorgensen’s responsibilities include all fence to fence asset maintenance activities with significant focus on the Road Service Patrol program, proactive turf management, roadway aesthetics, litter removal, asset safety inspections, incident response, highway lighting maintenance, bridge maintenance, and customer service.  Jorgensen is also responsible for the coordination, processing, administration, and inspection of all permits on the roadways, structures, and facilities.

There are several projects currently under construction on this system to add tolled express lanes on I-75 and I-95 as well as the integration of tolling and ITS components.  Once these express lanes are complete, Jorgensen will be responsible for maintaining a safe system that separates the Express Lanes from the General Purpose Lanes.

Once the current Road Ranger contract on the system is complete in August 2015, Jorgensen will take over the responsibilities of providing Road Ranger Service Patrol services along the entire I-95 corridor in Broward County from the Miami-Dade County line to the Palm Beach County line including the 95 Express Lanes, portions of the I-595 corridor from I-75 to NW 136th Avenue and from State Road 7 to Port Everglades and the entire I-75 corridor from the Miami-Dade County line to Government/Snake Road west of the Alligator Alley Toll Plaza.