Jorgensen and LPL Financial Contribute to the Carolinas Wipe Out Waste Initiative


One of the fruits of the relationship between Jorgensen and LPL Financial has been the development and implementation of cutting-edge waste reduction programs at both the Charlotte campus and at the new Carolinas Campus located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  The corporate culture of LPL Financial encompasses a strong sustainability vision and a self-image as a good corporate citizen.

Understanding LPL’s vision, Jorgensen investigated new waste reduction strategies that included pre-consumer composting in 2015 and 2016: that is, collecting uneaten food and redirecting it into specialty, green composting containers.  Mentoring with Charlotte Latin School, Jorgensen’s Facilities Manager Ben Jacoby helped successfully pilot the greater Charlotte metro area’s Wipe Out Waste Mentor/Mentee Program.  It was through this experience that Jorgensen was able to offer suggestions during construction design like labeling regular trash receptacles “Landfill” instead of “Trash”. This is intended to change the mindset of everyone on-site and to get them to understand where their waste streams terminate.

With the completion of the Carolinas Campus in Fort Mill, SC Jorgensen and LPL took composting one step further by implementing post-consumer composting.  LPL and Jorgensen added green saddle baskets to begin diverting food waste from landfills deskside!  Combined, both pre- and post-consumer compostable waste fill (10) 64-gallon rollaway bins weekly.  That’s approximately 1,500 lbs of food waste diverted from landfills weekly or 78,000 pounds per year!  Earth Farms Organics haul bins weekly from LPL’s campus to their composting farm where it is processed and eventually returned to the soil through landscapers and gardeners.

The program is highly popular with LPL associates and is firmly in alignment with the corporation’s goal of being a responsible corporate citizen and contributor to a better, more sustainable environment.