Energy management and sustainability initiatives not only reduce our clients’ environmental footprint, but they also make good business sense. Some of the benefits of our programs are lower operating costs, competitive return on investments, improved productivity through enhanced work environments, positive public perception, and the support and engagement of employees, visitors, and partner organizations.

We work closely with our clients to tailor programs that match your corporate culture and that ensure program goals remain strategically focused on your organization’s business objectives.

FIRM™ Sustainability

Jorgensen Facilities Services is committed to long-term sustainability by providing quality, cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time. Efficient building operations and appropriate maintenance are two keys to a more sustainable future with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Jorgensen’s approach to sustainability applies the professional expertise of our experienced managers and total transparency into our methodology, with industry-standard means of calculating reductions in emissions and utility usage. Our recommendations integrate sustainability into all levels of facility maintenance and operations, from technician maintenance and repair activity guides to strategic business decisions. We offer more than just green cleaning programs. We offer progressive services for companies interested in the next level of sustainability.

Jorgensen’s Facility Integrated Resource Management™ program (FIRM™) was purposely named to signify the importance and added value of an integrated approach.

Sustainable value-added programs that provide measurable results:

  • Energy/utilities reduction
  • Green Seal chemicals
  • Recycling/zero waste-to-landfill
  • Facility audits and assessments
  • Facility operating strategies
  • Competitive utilities procurement
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Re-commissioning
  • Short- and long-term budgeting
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Building automation controls
  • Shell and core alternative materials
  • Green material procurement
  • Zero demolition waste-to-landfill
  • Alternative resource systems
  • System upgrades and replacements

Real-time data analysis is key to providing actionable results that drive change. Our toolsets include:

  • Real-time utility monitoring
  • Energy management and budgeting
  • Facility energy use indexes
  • Load profiles
  • Peak demand profiles
  • Facility-wide waste analysis
  • Building automation system assessments
  • Green house gas emissions reporting

By using Jorgensen’s FIRM Sustainability Program, most companies can reduce their energy consumption by 30 to 50%, create zero waste-to-landfill environments, and dramatically reduce their overall carbon footprint.