Facility Management

Jorgensen is a fully licensed contractor. Facilities maintenance, repair, and operations lie at the heart of our service offerings. Our professional technicians are fully equipped with the experience, specialized skill sets, and tools to provide a full range of self-performed services, including:

  • Full building maintenance, repairs, and operations
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance services
  • Unscheduled response services

For those services requiring more specialized skill-sets or licensing, such as elevator repairs or fire sprinkler testing, Jorgensen can call upon its extensive network of contractors. Regardless of who performs the service, our staff assumes full responsibility, from work scheduling through work progress and product quality. Our customers have a single point-of-contact for all of their facility’s needs – regardless of the nature of the request.

Facilities Management

For many large organizations, total outsourcing of facilities maintenance can provide multiple benefits, such as reducing cost and overhead, redirecting resources, improving focus on core business, and gaining access to world-class capabilities. Jorgensen is a nationally recognized leader in providing outsourced facilities management. For over 50 years, Jorgensen has focused exclusively on the field of facilities maintenance and management, helping diverse clients – such as auto manufacturers, banks, hospitals, major movie studios, ports, and software companies – improve their facilities maintenance function by reducing cost and protecting capital assets. If measurable results are important, consider Jorgensen’s Facilities Management as your total outsourced solution.

Scheduled Services

Preventive maintenance lowers your facility costs and significantly improves facility quality versus break-fix methods. If you want a proven method for reducing your facilities maintenance costs and improving quality, consider Jorgensen’s Scheduled Service. Ideally suited for smaller organizations, Jorgensen’s Scheduled Service provides expert technicians on a regularly scheduled basis for preventive maintenance to your building systems, as well as repair and “handy” work, such as hanging pictures or moving office furniture. By hiring Jorgensen, your business gains access to a wide range of facilities professionals (HVAC techs, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.), for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single full-time employee.

Need an expert to manage all aspects of your facility? Jorgensen’s Managed Service builds upon the Scheduled Service by including management of any subcontractors. Under Managed Service, Jorgensen becomes your facilities maintenance department, as well as your partner, by assuming financial responsibility for executing on your facilities maintenance goals. Managed Service provides a fixed, guaranteed maximum price, inclusive of any subcontractor costs. Should repair or subcontractor work exceed the budgeted price, Jorgensen pays the cost overrun. If the annual costs are less than the budgeted price, Jorgensen returns the surplus to you. If your facilities costs are proving difficult to manage and you don’t have access to the resources you need to complete the work, consider Jorgensen’s Managed Service.

Unscheduled Response Service

When an in-house maintenance staff is not needed, or when proactive maintenance is not in the budget, Jorgensen’s Response Service may be the best choice for you. Jorgensen provides rapid response for emergencies or when you need an expert to troubleshoot a problem. Simply call Jorgensen’s call center – open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and one of our professionals will help with your request.